Albania Vacations

Landscape of Albanian countryside

Albania is an up and coming Mediterranean destination with loads of fun attractions. Here, great efforts are being made to strengthen the country’s tourism industry with the construction of more and more luxury hotels, and the overall restructuring of the country’s transportation scheme. Albania has steadily and consistently worked to improve its economy and overall standard since it’s emergence from communist isolation in 1991. Since this time, Albania has seen drastic changes that have continued to shape the country into a truly reputable tourism destination.Spectacular mountain scenery and historic sites interplay to create an enchanting destination unlike any other. Splendid beaches can be found in this country, professed to be the only unspoiled beaches left in Europe. Between the towns of Vlora and Saranda, numerous, undeniably exquisite beaches can be found: Palasa, Dhermiu, Jala, and so many more. These are claimed to be the best of all of Albania.

In addition to the country’s lovely natural setting, the cities and towns of Albania are also valuable destinations to visit. Tirana, Albania’s capital, is truly a unique site to behold. With enchanting boutiques and hearty Italian restaurants, Tirana has plenty to experience. Here mosques such as the Mosque of Ethem Bey and the Mosque of Bachelors in Berat are adorned in rich, thrilling shades of reds, yellows, and greens. In Tirana, the National Historical Museum is dense with invaluable information about Albania’s elusive history. In Kruje, the Skanderbeg Museum, dedicated to Albania’s national hero who had kept the invading Ottoman Turks contained from 1443 to 1468, provides plenty of indispensable background information for those seeking a glimpse into sources of Albanian nationalistic pride.Above all, to Albanians hospitality is paramount. Upon being invited to the home of a gracious Albanian host, one will be treated with the utmost care and respect; in this country, guests are sacred and will be treated as royalty.

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