Bosnia Herzegovina Vacations

Bosna River, Ilidža

Known as the heart shaped land, Bosnia and Herzegovina has continued to develop into an enchanting destination for the discerning and curious traveler. Since the official end of the civil war in 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina has made significant strides towards restructuring itself. Here, charming cities and villages welcome visitors with open arms and a hospitable environment. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural splendors are a wonder to behold, with sites such as cascading waterfalls and mountainous countryside that epitomize the beauty this great country has to offer.

Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina serves as a must-see destination for travelers. Here, the Bascarsija market center thrives, as it has since the 15th century. Mostar, with its cobbled streets and mosques is where the Stari Most, or “old bridge” can be found, a significant landmark of Bosnia and Herzegovina dating back to the 16th century.In terms of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural gems, Sutjeska National Park, a primeval forest offers spectacular views for walkers and hikers. Jahorina Mountain, only a short ride from Sarajevo is a haven for snow skiers. Other beautiful locations are the city of Jajce and the gargantuan waterfall near the Pliva Lake, as well as Kravica’s waterfall and spectacular, picturesque scenery.

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