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Beirut City, Lebanon

Lebanon is a beautifully exotic country, a small yet diverse mix of Mediterranean coastline, alpine mountain tops, and lush verdant valleys. In ancient times, Lebanon was a bustling center of trade as a major seaport in Phoenician and Roman times, to name only a couple of the many great civilizations that have helped influence this locale. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Beirut, lends itself to the complementing of its historically rich roots and its modern day progressiveness.

Lebanon finds itself geographically divided into four main regions separated according to topography and climate. These include: the coastal plain, the Békaa Valley, and two ranges- the Mount Lebanon Range and the Anti-Lebanon Range. The Anti-Lebanon Range is composed of mountains that form a portion of Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria.

The Békaa Valley, is a main agricultural region of the country, fed by the river, this area is a haven for the production of much of Lebanon’s natural food source: tomatoes, potatoes, wheat, olives, and grapes. The main attraction of this region is the ruins at Baaelbek, which had served as a mecca for ancient sun worshiping. Here one can find some of the most immense Roman temples ever constructed.

The shores of the Mediterranean Sea fringe the Lebanese Coast to the west while the Mount Lebanon Range frames the region to the east. Here temperatures are ideal for beach life: the coastal cities of Saida (Sidon) and Jbail (Byblos) provide some incredible aquatic activities: here tourists can snorkel among and explore forgotten Phoenician ruins.

The fourth section of Lebanon is the Mount Lebanon Range, embellished and refreshed by numerous snowmelt-infused rivers, it features steep-walled gullies shading secret, mysterious grottoes. Lebanon’s highest summit, Qornet Es-Saouda is also found within this mountain range. During the winter months, these high peaks are blanketed with soft snow (which has resulted in lending Lebanon its name, Lubnan, the Arabic word for “white.”) Lebanon continues with its originality as it hosts a number of world-class ski resorts; one of very few countries in the Middle East offering the opportunity to ski. Great cedar forests also find a safe home in Lebanon within the Mount Lebanon Range.

Discover, in Lebanon a richly diverse, genuinely hospitable, and unforgettable destination with an allure and grace due to a vast and marvelous history, that runs far deeper than modern disputes can reach to chip away. Lebanon is forever a destination due to be explored.

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