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The Mediterranean Sea is actually connected to the Atlantic Ocean through a narrow slot called the Straights of Gibraltar. In ancient times the Mediterranean was once the most traveled body of water in the world. In the eastern end of the Mediterranean there is another slot called the Dardanelles and Bosporus that connects to the Black Sea.

We are a high tech, high touch travel agency. The choices are many but rest assured our Virtuoso, Mediterranean Travel Advisors will help you sort out the right experience for you.  You will enjoy our assistance  in creating your ultimate dream vacation, call 1 (415) 827-4981 to start planning your vacations, cruise or tour.

We will save you money, time and decrease the stress associated with pulling all the details know those what I mean....the little items such as your hotels transfers, internal flights, English speaking get the point and don't forget we have up to the minute access to all the travel specials, upgrades and amenities to make your trip extra special and a great value.

The Suez Canal was built to allow shipping from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. This great canal saves ships from having to circumnavigate Africa and was called, "The Highway to India".

This sea is loaded with history, unique cultures and ancient shipping trade routes. There is a multitude of ancient shipwrecks containing all kinds of merchandise and treasure. If you are a diver, you can enjoy these shipwrecks, but you can't remove anything because of the historical value.

There is so much to see in the Mediterranean it would take a lifetime to see it all. Depending on your interests, whether it be history, religion, culture, art or food---or maybe just to relax on a quite beach with your love one, we can arrange it all for you. White crescent beaches, quaint little coves, emerald colored seas are what we think of when we dream of a Mediterranean vacation. Cruising the Mediterranean islands is probably the most popular way most people experience this exciting region. However, there's a lot more to do and experience when you get down to it. That's where we come into the picture.

Remember, we are Virtuoso Travel Advisors, experts in planning and orchestrating life enriching Mediterranean vacations: Call 1 (415) 827- and talk to one of our agents. Note: We also have travel advisors for every tourism destination in the world. 

We have on-site people in all the Mediterranean countries who know all the hidden gems, and off the grid experiences and work with our travel advisers meticulously planning every aspect of our clients vacation, usually exceeding their expectations. Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea are one of the best ways to explore this wonderfully diverse region of the world. We work with all the best cruise lines that cruise the Mediterranean. 

The main question you will have to answer before you head out to explore the Mediterranean Sea is what kind of experience are you looking for? Perhaps an adventure cruise along the North African side of the Mediterranean, or a leisurely bike ride through the quaint villages along the shores of Croatia or a culinary vacation in France or Spain or even a wine tour of Italy!

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