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Cyprus Luxury Vacations, Cruises & Tours

Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, in 1200 BC, Cyprus is a gorgeous location, tucked into the upper right hand corner of the Mediterranean. Kissed with the beauty of Aphrodite, the island claims exceptional beauty with its varying coast and landscape. Here, the beaches are golden and the landscape rugged. The Troodos Mountains from Cyprus’ interior contribute a splendid backdrop to the miles and miles of coastline, while affording ideal destinations for tucked away villages.

Cyprus’s legendary divine roots, have contributed to the islands serving as an enchanting destination for a plethora of visitors for centuries. The dramatic history of this island can be traced over 9000 years. Due to its close proximity to Europe, Asia and Africa, it is considered a stepping stone to these. Centuries of invasions and occupations have contributed to a deep rooted, eclectic historical culture.

Since the legend of Aphrodite’s birth here, Cyprus has transformed and developed into a uniquely exotic destination, with a character all its own. Dotted with monasteries and crusader’s castles, Byzantine churches inhabited by nearly forgotten ancient antiquities, Cyprus is a lovely, richly endowed destination.The island of Cyprus, like many of the Greek islands, proudly is a contributor to the European Blue Flag Campaign, thus promoting clean beaches and environmentally conscious management of its coast.

In 2006, Cyprus was the proud recipient of 49 Blue Flags- an incredible accomplishment that greatly benefits the island’s inhabitants and welcomed visitors. Cyprus’ beaches are without comparison. Towards the east, Nissi Bay in Agia Napa is a splendid beach destination, as is Protaras’ Fig Tree Bay. Here the waters are an alluring azure shade, which beckon patrons to go for a dip. There is an ideal location for everyone, be it families with young children or couples looking for seclusion, Cyprus is an ideal destination for all.

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