Sardinia  Luxury Vacations, Cruises, Tours


Sardinia Luxury Vacations, Cruises & Tours

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. To the west of Italy, Sardinia is found in the Tyrrhenian Sea. One who visits Sardinia will discover an exceptional destination for recreation and wonderful luxury accommodations. Sardinia’s landscape makes it exceptional for yachting, surfing, diving, and hiking otherwise known as trekking, not to mention relaxing!

On the island of Sardinia, one may find some of the clearest, most beautiful shade of turquoise waters in all of the Mediterranean. Sardinia’s quiet, sandy and rocky beaches showcase incredible combinations of colors and textures. The clear crystal blues of the silken waters sparkle with the backdrop of craggy, rocky beaches along with lush Mediterranean foliage.

Porto Ferro, a pink sand beach located on the island is a fantastic example of the type of color contrasts to be found on Sardinia. Another pink sand beach, located in the nearby Archipelago of the Maddalena Islands, is a gorgeous destination and rare jewel to be seen.Known as Budelli, this beach is one of Italy’s most alluring – its blush pink sand formed as a result of finely shattered corals.

One the island’s wildlife roams freely: wild horses, flamingos  and seals. Fishing is fantastic here as well. Mysterious grottoes are plentiful on the island, the most intriguing being Grotta Nuova, located near Cala Gonone on the eastern coast of the island.

Due to this spectacular countries extensive history of occupations from the Phoenicians to the Carthaginians to the Romans, to the Arabs and Spaniards, the result we see today is an original destination with a radiant personality. The towns and regions of Sardinia, each have their own distinct personalities; Cagliari is the largest city on the island and serves as the islands capital as it has since Roman times.

The town of Alghero has a strong Catalan feel. Costa Smeralda is a heavily visited area, with just cause: here, one can find stunning beaches and clear waters. Porto Corvo is the destination of the international jetsetters where a feeling of high society pervades.

At any of Sardinia’s locations, guests will feel a deep rooted sense of welcome, as the islanders here are known for their genuine hospitality.

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