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Capri  Luxury Vacations, Cruises, Tours


Capri Luxury Vacations, Cruises & Tours

Upon moments of arrival to the island of Capri, you will know you are somewhere special. With it’s breathtaking views of the aquamarine Mediterranean, Capri has continued to be a haven for the rich and famous since the Roman times when Tiberius called a villa on the island home. Capri has had the unique ability to make all who visit feel welcome, royalty or not. Capri, located in the bay of Naples off the coast of southern Italy’s Sorrento peninsula, affords some of the loveliest views of turquoise and cobalt waters from nearly every point on the island. While dining, one is struck by the island’s natural beauty of limestone cliffs dotted with goats, thick canopies of greenery from maritime pine and scrub trees, all facing the azure sea.

Taking a jaunt around the isle of Capri by boat, whether with a tour group or privately rented, is a truly unforgettable adventure that must be experienced.One will see the dramatic, bougainvillea embellished pastel and white villas tucked into the hillsides, remarkable rock formations such as the Farglioni, and of course the Blue Grotto- an underground sea cave that wows visitors with its iridescence It only takes about two hours to circle the Isle of Capri by boat, and it affords access to the special places romantic couples and honeymooners should not miss.

Back on land, visitors will relish the activities afforded to them. As the entire island emanates relaxation and seduction, this powerful atmosphere will cause those who visit to lose all sense of hurry. Clothes- minded visitors will be delighted with the incredible shopping available: from the ultimate in designer ready-to wear to hand-made sandals as legendary as the island itself, not to mention Capri pants that have been scooped up by many a celebrity.

Allow yourself to be enraptured by the dramatic magnificence paired with the dream-like serenity that is only to be found here, on the incomparable Isle of Capri.

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